Chantal Blatzheim Cultural Consulting was founded in 2016. The founder and director Chantal Blatzheim is a trained art historian with an extensive experience in networking, communication in the cultural sector, VIP and Patrons relations, fundraising and connecting luxury brands with cultural institutions.


    • Fundraising in the field of art and culture

    • VIP services for
      • Museums
      • Biennials
      • Cultural institutions

    • Patrons relations and advising on patrons
      • Museums
      • Biennials
      • Cultural institutions

    • Communication

    • Networking

    • Installation of liaison between brands 
and art institutions

    • Curatorial projects

    • Events


Manifesta Foundation, the European
Biennial for Contemporary Art

Manifesta Patrons VIP Coordinator

Creation & launch of the Manifesta Patrons Program and the Manifesta 11 VIP program

ARIS Title Insurance Corporation,
Member ARGO Group

ARIS Ambassador Switzerland

Communication, event management and market research for ARIS Title Insurance Corporation in Switzerland and Germany

The Pool
Communications Consulting

Liaison in the field of new marketing strategies between luxury brands and cultural institutions

Merck Finck Co. Privatbank

Private art related client events and exhibitions


Chantal Blatzheim
Cultural Consulting GmbH

Chantal Blatzheim

Zuerichstrasse 97
CH-8700 Kuesnacht
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+41 (0) 43 888 95 25
+41 (0) 79 963 25 67